"Storytelling is the essential human activity. The harder the situation, the more essential it is."  -  Tim O'Brien

Stories matter. A good story can sway a heart, a boardroom, or a country. Stories stick - they are remembered and repeated. To get noticed, you need to tell a good story. 

I have elite qualifications in narrative writing, and more than a decade of high-level career experience across government, business, education and academia. I know how to craft narratives that resonate with readers.

Your story matters, let me help you tell it.

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    Storytelling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world
    — Robert McKee

    Why Me?

    I know from experience that strong writing is a route to influence. I also know that strong writing reflects strong thinking, and I have more than a decade of high-level experience as a critical thinker. At the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet, I was awarded the Australia Day Medal for excellence in public service writing; at The Grattan Institute, I authored the organisation's writing style guide; and at Victoria's Department of Premier and Cabinet I was described as "the only person who writes like a human." Most recently, teaching at Virginia Tech, I received university awards in both writing and writing education.

    I am fluent in the languages of business, government, education, academia and cultural critique. I have authored text book chapters, academic journal articles, high-level policy documents, and award-winning creative work. My literary criticism and cultural commentary is regularly featured in The Australian and Australian Book Review.

    My CV clients have secured new jobs, promotions and places at elite universities (e.g. Harvard, Princeton and the London School of Economics).

    Attention is a potent form of power. The people who make decisions - the people you want to hire you, trust you, or invest in you - have seconds to read your work, minutes at most. You need to get their attention, and keep it. Every sentence counts, and every word in every sentence counts. The right imperative can compel action; the right adjective can inspire change; the right tone can unlock empathy.

    It's not about buzzwords, it's about compelling narratives and clear prose. Good stories - well told.

    That's what I do.

    Client Feedback

    "I recently set up a new policy consulting business, and worked with Beejay to develop my professional profile. She spent considerable time talking with me to really understand what I wanted to say, why I wanted to say it, and pushing me to work out answers to the questions that my audience would ask.  Beejay crafted a piece of writing that showed off my skills without sounding overly self-promotional. She struck a great balance between making the prose effective and not losing my voice in the process. On the rare occasion when I disagreed with her suggested approach, she thoughtfully considered my point of view, proposed other options, and we were able to come to a mutually agreed position.

    Iā€™m proud to have her writing as the public face of my work. I highly recommend Beejay as a writer and editor, and hope to have the chance to work with her again in future." - C.M.

    "I had been searching and trying to win a full-time permanent job that would set me up for the future.  Beejay was introduced to me by a close mentor and immediately was able to connect the dots in my professional career to help produce a well rounded suite of professional documents.  This resulted in which me WINNING a significant job in a Fortune 500 company.  I was lost and struggled to make my story sing on paper and in interviews.  But Beejay understood me and my story and was able to portray that through detail-orientated alterations and strategic descriptions of my past and current career.   I will continue to use Beejay to boost my CV, selection criteria and prepare me for interviews.  The way she is able to produce high quality under tight deadlines will continue to be second to none."  - M.H.

    "It has been great working with Beejay to revamp my resume. She was very good at going through my experience and technical skills to articulate and showcase my strengths. I feel much more confident using the new resume to apply for jobs as my ability shines through the document clearly. She was able to create a message to potential employers about what I am good at, not just what I can do. I think it will really give me an advantage when applying for jobs. It was been a pleasure working with her and I highly recommend her service."  H.T.

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